A new wave of innovation from one of the greatest minds in fishing.

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones. It just takes a great mind to find them.

How He’s
The Game

The Eeliminator

Like nothing most bass or bass anglers have ever seen, Eeliminator combines the profile and movements of several popular bass prey to create one unique bait. The large, roughly 2-inch body of the bait and the long tail combine to create an unbelievable swimming action. Very versatile, the Eeliminator can be fished Texas-rigged, Carolina-rigged or even weightless and slow rolled just beneath the surface.

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Steve “Big O” Parks spent years perfecting the TrashMaster ™ MiniSkirt jig. Its patent-pending weedless screw-lock design, custom Heavy Hammer Hook TM, and premium wire-tied miniskirt make it the ultimate heavy-cover jig.

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Heavy Hammer Hooks

Introducing the most versatile hooks in the industry. It’s not quite straight shank, and not quite EWG, but the best of both worlds!

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Brush Bands

When you’re fishing in the murky, messy cover big fish love to hang out in, these can up your chances at a real trophy! The bands go up and over the head of the jig, split through the weedguard, and split them just enough to decrease the conflict between weed guard and bass mouth, which mostly causes missed fish. By splitting those apart, it increases hookups, but it still keeps your hook protected and allows you to fish weedless!

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Steve Parks

When he's not wreck'n bigguns on Falcon Lake or whoop'n @%& in karate tournaments, Steve "Big O" Parks designs fishing lures.

And after creating some of the hottest baits on the market for other companies, Big O started GameChanger Lures™ to bring the next wave of innovation to the fishing industry.